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Anfim's product portfolio 2019


Anfim's product portfolio 2019

26. November 2018


Anfim’s brand new PRATICA & SOLIDA amaze espresso enthusiasts all around the world. Following the release at the “World of Coffee” in Amsterdam, we received great positive feedbacks from all international markets, celebrating these models as the next generation of espresso grinding, being the perfect fits for the today’s requirements at a professional espresso bar.


As Anfim always listens and learns from the valuable feedbacks of professional baristas and coffee shop owners, the Milanese espresso grinder brand continuously optimizes its product portfolio. Therefore, the following espresso grinder models will not be offered anymore in the near future:


Super Caimano OD (SCODY)
Super Caimano Barista
SP450 On Demand


Relying on the voice of the market, we believe that these models (Super Caimano OD (SCODY), Super Caimano Barista) are getting well replaced by the PRATICA & SOLIDA as they provide better performances in terms of taste, accuracy,consistency as well as due to their innovative functional features that promote even smoother workflows at the bar.

Furthermore, in response to dropping demands, the following models will leave Anfim’s product range, too:


Drogheria / Eco


The last order date for these models is the 1st January 2019.


Spare parts for the models mentioned above will remain available.

Please check out the recent product overview and have a look at Anfim’s range of espresso grinders for the upcoming year.